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3-4 Person Waterproof Camping Tunnel Tent Dome & Portable Fan LED Light Lantern

3-4 Person Waterproof Camping Tunnel Tent Dome & Portable Fan LED Light Lantern

3-4 Person Waterproof Camping Tunnel Tent Dome & Portable Fan LED Light Lantern

3-4 Person Waterproof Camping Tunnel Tent Dome & Portable Fan LED Light Lantern. 3-4 Person Camping Tunnel Tent. Detachable Bedroom - Multifunction: This tent has a tunnel outer layer and a detachable inner layer, making it has multi-functions. Hang up the inner layer as a bedroom, the left area as a living room, dividing the tent as a 2 room tent.

You can sleep in the bedroom and the living room is spacious enough to take a family table and chairs. Taking off the inner layer, it becomes a long tunnel shelter, you also can add another dome tent inside. Multi Doors & Vents - Ventilation & Easy Access: This tent has 2 doors on the outer tunnel layer, one is in the front, another is on the left side. They can be rolled up totally, perfect for buggies, wheelchairs and to prevent family members from tripping on entry and exit.

There are two vents in the front door corner and a vent in the back, to ensure air circulation when all close the doors. Suitable for 1-4 Persons: This tunnel is suitable for multi kinds of camping: for 1 person bicycle or motorcycle camping, the living room is perfect for storage bicycle and motorcycle. For 2 people camping, sleeping in the bedroom and drinking coffee and chatting in the living room. For 3-4 person family camping (parents and kids). Parents take a rest in the bedroom out of the busy work and kids play games in the living room.

With 3 Shock Cord Poles - Easy to Pitch: Installing this camping tunnel tent is easy and fast, it has 3 shock cord poles, just inserting each pole into the pole sleeve and then fixing them and tent corner together with the tent stakes, within 3 minutes, the setup has finished. Size and Material: This camping tunnel tent is made of PU2000 190T polyester on the fabric, breathable 190T polyester inner tent plus the B3 mesh. Lightweight for such size tent, easy to carry.

1x Tunnel Tent (including install accessories). 1x Mat 1x Storage Bag. Rechargeable Tent Fan & LED Light Lantern.

[10400 MAH BATTERY CAPACITY]- Ayamaya mini handheld fan has up to 10400 mAh battery capacity, enough to cope with the use of daily life, the fan can last up to 6-25 hours (depending on whether you use LED lights and fan wind speed gear), compared with other small fans, our battery life and service time have absolute advantages! [INDEPENDENT 3 SPEED & LIGHT CONTROL]- Ayamaya rechargeable fan has three different gears (low - medium - high) in terms of both speed and light and the gear is adjusted by the independent buttons shown in the figure. The output power of the low gear is low, but it can make your fan use for a longer time. The situation of the high grade is the opposite. The combination of light and wind speed depends on your needs, you only need to rest assured to use, the rest to us! [USB TYPE-C RECHARGING]- Ayamaya fan supports USB charging with type c interface, which solves the problem of lasting battery life of the fan (You can also use it while charging). You can charge it anywhere, in the office, at home, in the car or by using a mobile power bank.

The charging interface of the fan is interworking with the charging interface of some mobile phones. (Green indicator flashes when charging). [DOUBLE 180° FOLDABLE DESIGN]- Compared with the traditional tent fan, Ayamaya camping fan with LED has an absolute advantage in terms of volume.

The design that can be folded at 180° at two places perfectly solves the problem of carrying and storage. After the fan is completely folded, it will become a cylindrical type, which is very regular and will not take up too much space. [VERSATILE WAYS TO USE]- Do you think this fan can only be used as a handheld fan? There is a hanging hook at the bottom of the fan for hanging in tents or other places that can be hung, which makes this fan the best choice for your outdoor travel.

1 x Camping Fan with Light. We are professional supplier for 10 years. Not like other store, we never just focus on low price but find a balance between price and quality. Most important, we offer the best service to you.
3-4 Person Waterproof Camping Tunnel Tent Dome & Portable Fan LED Light Lantern